Leadership Training

How are these programs different from most leadership training programs?

There are many excellent leadership training programs being offered in this country. Unfortunately, most people who attend these training programs enjoy them, but coworkers and staff notice that these training programs never seem to cause any actual change in the behavior of these managers. Jack’s programs focus on what causes these failures by examining such issues as the role of self-deception, leadership as an abnormal human behavior, and other paradigms that hopefully make his leadership training programs more effective in changing participant’s behaviors.

Training Details

How long are the programs?

Programs generally run in format of 2-7 hours – they can be somewhat customized to the length needed for a day.

Are programs geared towards a specific level of supervision and management?

The principles discussed in the program apply to all levels of supervision and management – both sworn and civilian. Individuals who are not yet supervisors can also benefit from attending. If the audience is primarily made up of sworn police officers, deputies, etc. and civilian personnel – a better option is the “Survival Skills” presentation – which takes leadership principles such as self-awareness, accountability, and other skills and applies them to non-supervisors. 

What is the limit of the size of the group that can attend the program?

There is no real size limit – it is more contingent on the facility where the training will be held. Small groups and large groups in the hundreds are not a problem. Given the economic challenges of the day – it is strongly encouraged to get as many people as possible to attend – we also encourage you to invite surrounding agencies to participate and perhaps share in the cost.

Are copies of the leadership book available at the training?

Yes, normally we pre-ship copies of the book to sell at half price.